During his lifetime, Stanley Galik enjoyed writing and sharing his poetry with family, friends and others.  Many of his poems were published as "Thoughts" in the Homestead (PA) Daily Messenger newspaper in the early 1970s.  He maintained a scrapbook of these poems and numbered them according to their publication sequence.  Since there are almost 200 of these poems, they will be added periodically to the site.  In addition, there are many of his unpublished poems that may be added in the future.

Poems Published in the Homestead Daily Messenger

Homestead, PA (1971 – 1972)


Soft breezes blow from southward so,

Warmth and feeling of sweet content,

The rapture felt in the summer air,

Toward all fun we're pleasure bent.

The breezes cool as autumn nears,

And a mixture of feelings soon appears,

Some may like the summer fun,

But now we're thinking - of winters done.

I guess we can't just please us all,

We take our seasons - spring and fall,

The snowflakes too, have a time and place,

I wonder which I'd rather face.

The choice of mine is summer fun,

The frolic - the joy of the hot, hot sun,

I guess come winter, I too might glee,

But I can't like snow for the likes of me.



Would you shake his hand if good he'd do,

Especially if the good was done to you?

Would you thank him then and think less of him a man,

I know for favors granted, I surely can.

Just imagine a lonely road - late at night,

You're all alone - not a soul in sight,

Would it matter then of the helping hand as who?

Or would you welcome the help he's given you?

My question now - if the man were black,

Would you refuse all favors and draw the hand back,

Certainly not - if you're a man like me,

Foolish men are the one's in poorest company.

I haven't many I could call friends,

Yet my hands, extended it never bends,

You do to me as I do to you,

Just living God's way, as all good men do.



Who amongst you had never said,

I sorrow, sadness, I wish me dead,

Who among you had also had the feel,

With all our troubles - it was life - it's real?


Many the time I questioned God,

What purpose life? - why do I trod,

This path so sad and happy too.

This is life - the same goes for you.


Now to answer the questions asked,

Life never was easy - the happy in sun do bask.


The unhappy crave for the want of love,

They search, they seek, then turn to above,

Oh! God if you could my life just happy be,

Then God - my life - my joy - I'd owe to Thee.




Into mind, into heart, forever bring,

The joy, the sadness, forever sing,

To thrill, to hold and forever be,

What's best for you, is also me.


When faith and love survive,

Then perceive you are alive,

To trust and love and live as one,

To kiss with rapture, when day is done.


To always feel a want and need,

To give of heart and do any deed,

To have much, have little matters not,

What is right-is the love I've got.




The faults of man-does he have many,

Yet make the man as he would be,

The goodness of man-he has of some,

If you have of need, of goodness see.


Who of the men you can remember,

Without vice thru life would go,

The many sins in mind he carries,

As age takes hold, they also grow.


Tomorrows answers in the offing,

A better man he intends to be,

Come the morrow always planning,

A spirit roaming-acting free.


God give me grace to be a good man,

Let sin no more be in my place,

Let goodness reign wherever dawning,

Let you hand of love be my saving grace.



How often have I gazed to heaven high,

How many dreams have fleeted by.

Oh, answer as I wish upon a shooting star,

As I aim toward heaven-there you are.

How many times do you wish and well,

How proud you are when your chest could swell.

You are my star in heaven bright,

I notice-they notice-you're my guiding light.



There was this man so poorly dressed,

Said he was all without, he did confess,

He asked if I could spare of some funds,

I felt that in giving I basked in the sun.

I did God's work-or so he ordained,

Tis better to give, than it is to gain,

If happy was he, that I gave unto,

Just think how happy I was too.

I hope God in heaven would hear of plea,

Never Lord, never, let this man be me,

Though I sorrow for the poor in man,

Thank I God, that I can help, that I can.




However, long the days will be,

Nights-no sleep-my destiny,

Days away-so long-no need,

Yet with conscience-memory feeds.


Away from love-so strong-so true,

Forever being and feeling blue,

What can I now-however try,

Search for answers as do I.


Love, oh, god, I love her so,

Memories-linger-where I go,

Love-I laugh-yet tears I hide,

For to heart-myself had died.


Darling mine-I wish I could,

In arms enfold-I know I would,

Yet with mind so hurt with pain,

I'd ache-neglect-again, again.


Would that I the world could give,

Only then with you I'd live,

Would the gains of any man,

Through love like yours, I can, I can



One day not too long ago, or so it seems,

I saw in a waif some childhood dreams,

Saw him as I must have seemed to others,

Dirty, disheveled, patched pants and with his brother.

I saw myself-so many, many years ago,

Depression days, when most all heads hung low,

This kid with eyes in hunger looking into mine,

Said "Mister, Will you please, care for a shine!"

God knows I wanted to hive him much,

Without his labor-but would I teach him such?

Oh! so I allowed that he labor-shine,

I wanted of him to grow up fine.

I saw in a face as a dollar, I did give,

The joy, happiness, the reason we all live,

Another time, I found in a bitter world joy,

And of all the many places-in the face of a boy!



What have I now to while away my time,

To keep from feeling blue?

Just this my darling, memories-

And all of them are of you.

The pleasant days, when we'd first met,

The dates, the shows, I see as they are yet,

The many times we bickered so,

Silly anger, which made for good times go.

The times we shared our troubles too,

If they were yours, I felt so blue,

The smiles we shared in funny things,

The good, good feeling emotion brings.

Oh! yes, memories, now fleeting by,

Nostalgia, but so romantic, I sigh,

I'm glad that God smiled down on me,

My one, my only, my memory.


11. MY DAD


I wonder if I could ever, ever be,

The man my dad foresaw in me,

A man that loved me with all of heart,

The man taught me and gave me a start.


Oh!  What a name-dad- the man I see,

He taught, he beat and hurt, yet caressed,

He then was father, as we knew and loved,

I was then the better - fatherly blessed.


To think of the many things he did for me,

Like a penny ice ball, could bring such glee

The loving touch as he tousled hair,

Recall his love and forever care,


My dad, a great man - of unknown repute,

To question how great, I'd surely dispute,

I have a picture - a memory of him,

As if for a moment - my memory could dim.


He is, he was, an inspiration true,

Dad - now gone, I so loved you too,

If come tomorrow and I could of fame,

If I ever make it - tis, you I'd acclaim.


A look so happy, in son I see,

He had his wish as I promised free,

He asked if I would puppy bring,

Little knowing I, how his heart would sing.


A tiny mongrel I chanced to get,

And since we have him - we have no regret,

To see the love - the happy, happy face,

What memory, with joy, never erased.


I see him romp and always play,

Feeds him, bathes him, most every day,

I see his joy and I so happy be,

My son - I'm so glad, can't you see?


If I would have known the you you share,

The love for your puppy, I know you care,

The greatest joy that I can see,

You're happy son - and so are we.



You've wondered if I've loved you?

And what you've meant to me.

And many times you've questioned, dear,

If I've loved you faithfully?


No need to ever question, mine,

This love I've held for you,

It has been blessed with heaven's grace,

How can it be untrue?


The angels high in heaven, love,

Look down in jealousy,

And many times I feel they've said,

God's really kind to me.


So darling please, remember well,

This love I've held most true,

Remains enclosed in a loving heart,

When I'm away from you.


I've had my share of certain sadness,

And in turn, abundance of gladness,

I've visited countries and sights and places,

Saw frowns, saw miles, in foreign faces.

A talent learned, I as traveled with joy,

If I smiled, they smiled, not hard to deploy,

Of all the lessons I learned and know,

A smile means happiness, wherever you go.

The sights I visited, things to see,

Brought me happiness as was meant to be,

I had my share of fun of which I constant think,

If you dip into the fountain, happily drink.

I've heard the music of each countries songs,

I've seen some of the misery, seen some of wrong,

I've made many friends, was never alone,

I made it a habit, be good, this I've shown.

I traveled these countries and saw much of hate,

Learned much of helping and never to bait,

Learned to help needy and called them friend,

Saw what they needed and helped to the end.

Whenever a child takes a study from a book,

Some day he might, like I, also have a look,

He might travel this world and much he could see,

If he smiles, as he travels, he'll make friends, watch and see.



How could a person truly know,

When they come to a crossroad, which way to go?

To turn to the left, or turn to the right?

Or just take the first road that comes in sight?


Turning back, admit, would admit defeat,

Of a desire to go onward, meeting fate,

Perhaps it's better if you're really sure,

Getting there counts - even late.

One road we'll call the road of "Happiness".

The other refer to as one called "Despair",

We know the road the wise would follow,

The others, well, they just don't care.

Each road, a part, to travel it we come,

Yet signs do tell the road you'll travel

If for a time you've traveled "despair",

Turn on to route "Happiness", troubles then unravel.


I've gazed with wonder, into a person's eyes,

Saw a mirror of thought, of hate, of sighs,

Saw a teardrop rolling down a face,

And into a heart, it found a place.

A time when I could almost see a soul,

The determined look as you set a goal,

The sternness and cold and bitter too,

I could foresee, in the eyes of you!

The warmth I feel to look at you,

Color - what matter, brown or blue?

I knew in heart, your every mood,

Love, hunger, what need - I could.

The eyes, they have a secret speech,

I looking I find, they much can teach,

Yet, if an answer you would want,

Don't look at mine, I now know to taunt.



Two little girls, so very, very cute,

Lovable little darlings, playing with a brute,

They taunted, teased, played games with me,

For a time we were so happy - kids all were we.

We laughed, wrestled, allowed I stronger be,

I played, we romped, so happily,

These were little friends, these women I do see,

Oh! little girls now - but women they will be.

I thank them for this good time, too,

We played, I tired, I say this true,

You're young, oh, so pretty, as little girls are,

You've shared with me a happy time, I wish in life you go far.



I never more to sorrow,

No more the tears,

The past should be forgotten,

Even the better years.

Today should be the beginning,

Since yesterday was an end,

Tomorrow face the future,

For into life it will also blend.

Never glancing backwards,

It could never be the same,

Gazing more toward tomorrow,

Makes for a better game.

Laughter, love and humor,

All go hand in hand,

What good to build a castle,

If you make it out of sand?

Most days are full of riches,

If you glance around you'll see,

That money can't buy everything,

For a smile you get for free.

Yesterday's heartaches,

Are but memories ever-more,

Today with all its treasure,

Abounds galore.

The mask of sadness, never understood,

A smile is worn each day,

For when one smiles its happy times,

No more will heartaches pay.



What kind of man is he, that duty shirks?

Able-bodied, big, yet, shuns all the work?

What kind of talent, wasted by him,

Drinks, won't work, as is his whim?

He wants so of joy, as day enfolds,

Yet, without work, into loafing molds,

To himself believing, he's oh! so good,

Never trying, yet we know he could.

A lazy man, spoiled, by checks he receives,

Able, yet unwilling, so constant they grieve,

A man that jobs aplenty had found,

To pass by it quickly, just to bum around.

Let working to the dummies, this I was often told,

These words, I hear so constant, isn't this awfully bold?

Perhaps a few will into a mirror gaze,

And see themselves, as men that laze,

To find a job, then from it shirk,

Take a job and then, fail to work.



 I've never met the man in person,

Saw his picture and of him, had read,

Yet, why, do I feel this pain of sympathy?

I just heard, this man was dead.

I read of his deeds and loved him,

For the many things he tried to do,

To me, he had the mark of greatness,

Only found in a chosen few.

So many, now, will suffer loss,

He's done so many, many deeds,

I know he worked, at his job so well,

At least I remember, how he solved our needs.

His name, does it really even matter?

He's been and had made a better day,

I know I'll share in his memory,

He was a great man, what more can anyone say?



If ever a man would need a friend,

To what endeavor would he bend?

I heard this story, just the other day,

About a missionary - what he had to say.

He taught compassion, love of man,

He said don't kill - yet, they can,

They hunted heads, thought it right,

And for this principle, they would fight.

He asked of them not hunt for heads,

From his Holy book, he sermon read,

He told them they could a body find,

So greedy they, they couldn't mind.

He wrapped himself in a blanket red,

They saw, they speared, until it was dead,

Then the blanket was pulled away,

They saw their friend, they haven't killed since that day.

No greater love, a man can have,

If by giving of life, he can others save,

He gave his all to teach God's law,

In so doing, they realized their flaw.


Come with me, kids to a joyful place,

In a land of make-believe,

The excursion starts from Slumber Street,

Don't miss it or you'll grieve.

You'll meet your favorites of the west,

Like Cassidy and his pals,

You'll fight the Indians and the crooks,

And be a hero to all the gals.

You'll be a sheriff or an outlaw, too,

Just having loads of fun,

Like all the stories you've liked best,

This adventure's just begun

Just imagine your being Santa Claus,

And visiting girls and boys,

Giving not to those who've been bad,

From you big bag of toys.

Imagine being an engineer,

In charge of a Diesel train,

Or like the fellows in heaven high,

The memories of the many things,

You've been while still asleep.


Material wealth and happiness,

Most think go hand in hand,

Yet some men would give their riches,

Just so they might feel grand.

Some things we cherish most in life,

Often aren't too expensive,

That of our happiness we can't share,

So easily if we learn to give.

I try each day as I face the world,

To honor this small prayer,

That what I'll gain or ever do,

I'll do all fair and square.

And of my pleasure's I'll have many,

And perchance gain much wealth,

I'll pause awhile - in gratitude,

Thank God, for my good health

And if I meet a person,

That's selfish in his greed,

I'll try to change his thoughts toward good,

And be doing God's own deed.


The robin for the southland starts

A signal that the summer wanes,

Leaving but the memories,

Of the warm days and the rains.

The days have started to grow short,

Now fade quickly into night,

No more the picnics and swims,

As school days come in sight

The green of grass, the reds of flowers,

As turning into brown,

As summer ends and autumn starts,

Mother Nature changes gowns.

Vacations end, and all prepare,

For the cool days up ahead,

And Nature of her summer clothes,

Slowly starts to shed.

The fun we've had in Summertime,

Makes way for new delights,

Like football games and indoor sports,

And television shows at night.

So let's prepare for new found joys,

To be had this fall and winter too,

And then till summer comes again,

What good in feeling blue.



I remember well the day we'd met,

And the thoughts he left with me,

My fervent wish that he could know,

Of the things I've learned from he.

I started out this sunny day,

By strolling in the woods,

Enjoying life, while admiring much,

Of nature's store of goods.

I chanced upon a hidden knoll,

Set high upon a crest,

And there I met this stranger, then,

So peacefully at rest.

He turned as I approached the rise, and said

"Please join me won't you friend?"

And as I sat up next to him,

My joy had come to an end.

I noticed, then that he was blind,

And I felt of sympathy,

And then he asked, "Be so kind,

Describe the things you see".

I wanted so to get away,

I felt so sad,

But he just spoke and so wisely said,

"You've the world, my son, be glad."

"You can see the stars that shine at night,

The sun in heaven high,

The moon, the sea, the world's delights,

And the seasons as they die,

You can see the green of trees and grass,

Mingling with the brown and blue,

And clouds in whiteness moving by,

Like the coolness found in dew.

The grass you see, it feels so soft,

It's God's carpet for earth's floor,

And the beauty found in the living things,

How can you ask for more?"

And though that day had quickly passed,

As I started for the city,

I kept thinking of the world he knew,

Yet wanting ne'er of pity.



Remember the wars of your time,

As in my short lifetime, too,

The strife that followed killing,

And left so many blue.

The remorse we've felt in knowing,

That brave men had to die,

And they themselves believing,

Alone they'd never lie.

All these have joined the "Legions",

Reserved for "Hero Dead".

And every single one of them,

Would ask that this be said.

Please Lord, in your good mercy,

Bless those we've left behind,

Erase all hate and jealousy,

Left in an evil mind.

Let us that pass to our reward,

Have peace in this one thought,

That freedom pure, is worth the price,

So knowing we have fought

We've given of our earthly breath,

So others can breathe of freedom's air,

And that each and every one of you,

Can live peacefully, everywhere.

Some will lay in Flander's Field,

Amongst the crosses all in a row,

While others neath an ocean lie,

Beneath it's salty flow.

So let this be your prayer now,

For those that go beyond,

That all our lives, we'll dedicate,

To freedom's common bond.



Oh! love how can I now turn to thee?

My heart so heavy, so hurt I be,

Can't I hold forever, this love I call mine?

I fear, run scared, I do so want you to never pine.

Tomorrow will come so awfully soon,

Yet I fear another, could to me spell doom,

Oh! darling, I love, with all of heart,

To leave me now, where could I start?

I've loved with all goodness within breast,

Please don't disbelieve, try any test,

Just be my love, and we will forever be,

The happiest couple, this world could see.



How small the man that discriminates,

Shows little of love, constantly hates,

What kind of man, what makes him so?

Because of color, does this make him low?

The jealousy shows, who is the better man?

If ones surpassed, then anger can,

If one can't succeed, he excuses, then hopes,

The one that made it, was he the dope?

If color were a barrier, I've seen it at times,

Talent then expressed, went along these lines,

I never, ever hated, took man for what he was,

If friendly, I felt warmth, a mutual cause.

For me to hate, I could so very much,

Do unto me and I could do as such,

I can gaze at prejudice in faces around,

What fools these, that hate in color abounds.

Show me a man that shows of heart,

Show me two, we now can start,

Not allow any to be an edge to you,

Friendship, is the good, we all must do.



My love, to hurt, I possibly would,

If it meant, I've lost, I guess I could,

To lose passion, respect, then hate,

All feeling then, I'd surely terminate.

Be no more, the gentle man, you knew,

A brute, in words, to quote a few,

Yet in heart, in mind, forever say,

Love, well, I guess it had its day.

If another's arms now welcome you,

There's not much I can really do,

However, my thoughts are of hurt,

The thrill is lost even, try I flirt.  

Perhaps the day will come, you'll see me fine,

Too late then, for you can no longer be mine,

Recall, when I came and asked, be kind,

Now too late, this hurt, you find.



Many beautiful things in life are free,

From nature's storehouse, for you and me,

Just take the time to look at the sky,

Blue, cloudy, dark, there for you and I.

The green of grass, the waters blue,

The tallness of trees, now changing hues,

A plane flying high, in silvery light,

The brightness of sun, darkness of night.

The twinkle of stars, some meteors falling,

The coolness of strolling, nature calling,

Animal noises, as we visit a zoo,

Birds in abundance, we see them too.

A museum visited, the collectors of treasure,

Some old, some new, whatever your pleasure,

Just being alive and I look all around,

By gosh!  All free, by looking, I found.



I met this man who of donation asks,

To fulfill a need, his chosen task,

He many children took to camp with him,

To nurture, to teach, as to their whim.

He would deprive himself, that they could have,

He coddled, loved and all hurt did save,

He taught, he scolded, loved with heart,

Many a boy, to man, from him did start.

He did without, they had his share,

Never complained, he was their care,

He did so much and so few ever knew,

He begged, he borrowed, to help these few.

I met him, liked him, found him true,

I wish someday, you'd meet him, too,

He's a good man helping as others should,

If he comes to me, I know I would.

He finds much joy, in helping others,

To him the world became his brother,

I know I'm glad, I met this man,

He's got me doing the best I can.



If a man could have his constant wishes,

Most would ask for untold riches,

I must agree, I guess I would too,

But I know of other things - to name a few:

First of all I'd wish for health,

Without it fine, what need of wealth?

Next, I'd wish for a ripe old age,

If granted youth, I'd relive a page.

Next, I'd whish for you my love,

Yours alone, others, aside to shove,

Even with my wishes more,

With all I'd have, you'd come before.

If all my wishes would be granted,

Most selfish mine, toward you are slanted,

What I wish for most and every time,

That I'd have a happy love, then wishing’s fine.



Would if I would leave you a fortune,

Wealth, treasure, more than you could need,

Yet in material wealth I’m very poor,

Pray that you understand and feel not of greed

Children, a legacy I leave of greater value,

Should you with attention hear what I say,

You have parent love, a wealth none can buy,

You share love, kindness, a richness one can’t weigh

You have a name does you proud to claim,

Good men in bygone years have proudly borne,

In work, in triumph from hardship shorn

As years transgress and my time will come,

I’ll join the travelers of our passing parade,

You too should know of these lessons taught,

To pass them on from this foundation laid

Tomorrow’s deeds are yours to do,

Our share was done each day

So you see children each passing time,

Our finger only pointed, you must find your way.


When as a boy I wondered at the heights I’d reach,

Wondered with awe at the things I could be,

Saw others and visioned myself in their place,

Yet, at times not satisfied with what I’d see

It was to set a goal so very high,

I’d be the best in any venture,

Yet here I am in the twilight of life,

Embarking again on a new adventure

What pray tell, would a rich man gain,

That I too haven’t already shared,

Name a single thing he’s owned or had,

None different, if truth be bared

He has of his money, I’ve of my own,

His count perhaps, just more than mine,

He’s married too as I have true,

My life as his is fine

Of children he may have a few,

God granted and we had our share,

Of love, of life, we’ve been equals

Can he for what he owns show less of care?

No my friend, envy and greed I need of none

Nobody can, nor does have more than I,

I have a love, my children, my good health

And faith in God, to greater heights, need I try?


Whenever stillness upon a body lies,

A beauty found in death prevails,

The quietness seen in saddened hearts,

With a wish for life, yet none prevails

Prayers then said for the departed soul,

So little solace to a saddened heart,

The gifts of flowers, consoling words

 Bring about tears, now memories start

Oh gosh, the joy it was but a yesterday,

This love was then amongst us all,

The good I still remember

A passing happiness before God’s call

I now feel of the agonies,

Our Lord suffered on the cross,

His mother felt this painful way,

Grieved so sadly at her loss

Yet solace comes with understanding,

This be the way in the lives of men,

That death must come and with it sorrow,

We enjoy our lives till then

Add again our humble prayers,

Said for all departed souls,

Heaven should be all our homes,

At least, let’s strive toward this goal

36.  (No Poem associated with this number)

37.  GOD

A question arises is there a God?

If a man disbelieves is he a clod?

If a man perceives that God is true,

As for me I do believe, and he could come to you

Just ask of science, if they could make,

A blade of grass, which for granted we all take,

Ask of them for a sky of blue,

And if they could, would either be true?

Ask them you daily bread,

Ask if they can holy wed,

Let them create what they believe they could,

Then see if God, can’t surpass their good

Ask them also if they can eternally live,

What talents they have, for but a time to give,

Without the power, what is a man,

A Father watches and allows you can



I know I feel the end is near,

Last breaths do I now of life partake,

That death must come has been so clear,

If I had but more moments to take

Just a bit longer, God, so that I may,

Write another page in my life’s story,

Another second perhaps to just reflect,

Our heartaches and remembered glory

Just a bit longer, God, another line or two,

About the loves I now must leave behind,

A second more to thank You too,

For the blessing of children, You’ve been so kind

Oh, Lord, had I been as man was meant to be,

Would I need these seconds evermore,

Instead I beg for another line,

I fear I’ll miss your heaven’s door

A little while longer God,

Perhaps I’ve seen the error of my ways,

I’m ready now, I’ve finished my lines,

I hope to see you on judgment day


T H E   L I F E   O F   S T A N L E Y   G A L I K  
 W O R L D   W A R   I I   E X P E R I E N C E S POST-WAR
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