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Officers and Crew of USS LCI (L) 35

Officers and Crew of the LCI 35

Officer and Crew Photo Taken in Newhaven, England - August 1944

Pictured Left to Right:  Bottom Row: Woolsey, Spicer, Smith, Miller, Galloway, Lewis (CO); Second Row: Berkley, Eichorn, Finnerty, Gronlund, Holman, Tuggle (partially hidden); Third Row: Michaelson, Abney, Peters, Byrd (standing), Price (standing), Reed (standing), Berry (top of head visible), Galik (top of head visible); Back Row:  Bassett, Lee, Robins, MacNeal, Breshears, Roachell, Cutillo (in front of Robins and MacNeal); Not Pictured: Laga

According to the Muster Rolls for the USS LCI (L) 35, the crew of the LCI (L) 35 were first received on board on January 25, 1943 at the Amphibious Training Base NNYD, Portsmouth, VA. However, the first entry in the ship's Deck Log for January 28th indicates that the ship was in the Philadelphia, PA area and commissioned at 1100 on this date.

The LCI (L) 35 was originally part of Flotilla One that was organized in March 1943 but become part of Flotilla Two shortly after they arrived in Nemours, Africa on April 13, 1943. Flotilla Two was under the command of Lorenzo Sherwood Sabin Jr.  See Commander Sabin's general comments on LCIs and their officers and crew below:

USS LCI (L) 35 Officers

Lowell Miller, Donald Lewis, Samuel Strickland - Palermo, Siciily December 1943


Palermo, Sicily - December 1943

USS LCI (L) 35 Officers

Commanding Officer Samuel P. Strickland, Jr., Ensign (Jan 43 - Jan 44)
Commanding Officer Donald A. Lewis, Ensign (Jan 44 - Nov 44)
Executive Officer Donald A. Lewis, Ensign (Until Jan 44)
Executive Officer Lowell E. Miller (Jan 44 - Nov 44)
Officer Lowell E. Miller
Officer Quentin Galloway

The photo on the left of the LCI Officers was taken in Palermo, Sicily shortly before Donald Lewis was named Commanding Officer on January 1, 1944 replacing Samuel Strickland.


Enlisted Personnel - LCI (L) 35
Below is a record of the all Navy personnel that were listed on the Muster Rolls for the USS LCI (L) 35 from January 1943 through November 1944. Included in this listing of personnel are a photograph (if available), the final known rating, the service dates aboard the LCI (L) 35, any transfer information, and the date and city where the sailor enlisted. Immediately following this listing is photographs of the adopted mascot for the LCI (L) 35. "Lady Luck" as she was called was a stray dog picked up in North Africa in 1943 and was on board until September 1944.

Name of Enlisted Personnel
Final Rating Service Dates on Board LCI 35 Comment Date Enlisted City Where Enlisted
James Marion
James Abney
BM2/c 01/25/43

Macon, GA

Ralph E. Aurand
Not Available
S2/c 01/25/43 To 04/28/43 Transferred to LCI # 3 on 04/28/43 01/27/42

Not Available

Clyde Vestor Bassett
Clyde Bassett
GM1/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44  


New Orleans, LA
George Berkley
George Berkley
MoMM3/c 12/05/43 To 11/15/44 Received Bizerte, Tunisia


Louisville, KY

Jonathan Berry StM1/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44  


Richmond, VA

William "Bill" Earl Breshears
William Breshears
S1/c 04/08/44 To 11/15/44 Received 04/08/44 AATB Bizerte, Tunisia


Kansas City, MO

Edward Byrd Jr. MoMM2/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44  


Dallas, TX

Cleo Camberg

Not Available

RM3/c 11/01/43 To 04/07/44 Received from LST #6 on 11/01/43 Transferred 04/07/44 to USS LCI(L) 10


Omaha, NE

Richard Joseph Cutillo
Richard Cutillo
BM2/c 03/13/43 To 11/15/44 Received 03/13/43 ATB, Little Creek, VA


Boston, MA

Earl William Eichorn
Earl Eichorn
QM1/c 03/01/43 To 11/15/44 Received 03/01/43 Amph TrBase, NNYD, Portsmouth, VA


New York, NY

Soloman Fanarow

Not Available

F1/c 01/25/43 To 04/28/43 Transferred to LCI #2 on 04/28/43


Not Available

John "Clubby" Joseph Finnerty MoMM2/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44  


Philadelphia, PA

Stanley Galik (Dad) SC2/c 08/17/43 To 11/15/44 Received 08/17/43 from LCI (L) Flotilla 2 Pool Bizerte, Tunisia


Pittsburgh, PA

William Gronlund
William Gronlund
BM1/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44  


Jacksonville, FL

Windel Hall
Not Available
S2/c 09/13/44 To 11/15/44 Received 09/13/44 COMLCI(L) Flot 18

Not Available

Not Available

Wallace Henry Holman BM1/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44 08/21/44 to 09/03/44

US Hospital #12, Southampton, England


Seattle, WA

John Laga
John Laga
QM3/c 10/25/43 To 11/15/44 Received 10/25/43 AATB Bizerte, Tunisia


New Haven, CT

William Jackson Lee
William Lee
MoMM1/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44  


Birmingham, AL

Merle E. Lovell*

Not Available


S2/c 01/25/43 To 08/16/43 Transferred 08/16/43 Naval Hospital, Bizerte Tunisia


Not Available

George Elmer MacNeal RM1/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44  


Baltimore, MD
Richard Johnson Michaelson SM1/c 03/01/43 To 11/15/44 Received 3/1/43 Amph TrBase, NNYD, Portsmouth, VA


Denver, CO

Harold L. Phillips

Not Available

QM1/c 01/25/43 To 10/25/43 Transferred to AATB Bizerte, Tunisia 10/25/43 07/08/42

St. Louis, MO

Allen Peters MoMM2/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44  


New York, NY

Robert W. Procht

Not Available

S2/c 01/25/43 To 03/01/43 Transferred to ATB Little Creek 3/1/43

Not Available

Not Available

Delmar C. Price
Delmar Price
BM2/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44  


St. Louis, MO

Walter Prosser

Not Available

S2/c 01/25/43 To 03/01/43 Transferred to ATB Little Creek 03/01/43

Not Available

Not Available

David H. Reed Brother of Philip

Not Available

S2/c 01/25/43 To 03/01/43 Transferred to ATB Little Creek 03/01/43 (Passenger Flotilla One)


Milwaukee, WI

Philip Winspear Reed MoMM1/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44  


Milwaukee, WI

Frank Roachell GM3/c 03/18/44 To 11/15/44  


Hattiesburg, MS

Clarence Wilford Robins
Clarence Robins
SM2/c 01/25/43 To 11/15/44   06/07/42

Oklahoma City, OK

Walter Henry Slonchka

Not Available

F1/c 09/17/44 To 10/02/44 Received 09/07/44 ComLCI(L) Flot 18 Transferred 10/02/44 Com LCI (L) Flot 18 FFT to Vicarage FFA  

Not Available


Not Available

John Oran Smith
John Smith
CBM 03/09/43 To 11/15/44 Received 03/09/43 Amph TrBase,, NNYD, Portsmouth, VA 11/01/23

Indianapolis, IN

William C. Spicer
William Spicer
CEM(AA) 01/25/43 To 11/15/44   11/02/42

New York, NY

Harvey Summers

Not Available

RM2/c 03/01/43 To 09/12/43 Received 03/01/43 Transferred to Naval Hosp, Bizerte 09/12/43 03/06/40 Not Available
Henry Grady Tuggle

Not Available

PHM1/c 03/18/44 To 11/15/44   10/29/42

Atlanta, GA

Glenn A. Vickjord

Not Available

MM3/c 01/25/43 To 01/05/44 Transferred 01/05/44 AATB Bizerte, Tunisia 07/16/42

Minneapolis, MN

Frank Joseph Votto
Not Available
S1/c (RM) 09/07/44 To 10/02/44 Received 09/07/44 ComLCI(L) Flot 18 Transferred 10/02/44 Com LCI (L) Flot 18 FFT to Vicarage FFA

Not Available

Not Available

Charles Henderson Woolsey
Charles Woolsey
MoMM1/c 03/01/43 To 08/21/44 Received 03/01/43

Transferred 08/21/44 COMLCI(L) Flot 18, FFT to USA


Omaha, NE

Source: National Archives Muster Rolls USS LCI (L) 35

* Merle E. Lovell - Ships Cook until replaced by Stanley Galik (Dad) on 08/17/43

Cully Hartman Jr. S2/c -Passenger - Received on Board 03/18/43 -Transferred as Base Personnel to AATB Mostaganem on 04/30/43

Charles I. Walker S2/c Received 03/11/43 Enlisted 02/02/42

John Popma S2/c Passenger - Received on Board 03/18/43 -Transferred as Base Personnel to AATB taganem on 04/30/43

Willie Jones STM2/c Received On Board 04/11/44 from AATB Bizerte, Tunisia Transferred to USS LCI (L) 209 on 04/14/44

Lady Luck - LCI 35 Mascot





Lady Luck

Lady Luch
Lady Luck - LCI 35 Mascot

John Finnerty adopted "Lady Luck" while the LCI 35 was in North Africa.  She instantly became part of the LCI 35 family and served as the ship's mascot.   John indicated that she was extremely friendly and playful and became his "good drinking buddy". Lady remained on board the LCI 35 throughout the war until her death in September 1944. After Lady died, Dad placed a "halo" on "Good Old Lady!" in the photo on the left.

Commander Lorenzo Sherwood Sabin, Jr. - Comments

Age and Experience of Officers and Crew

For the most part the crew of the LCI (L) 35 were young and inexperienced with most of the shipmates enlisting in the Navy in mid-1942.

Officers on LCIs, including the LCI 35, were also young and inexperienced. In fact, the initial observations of Commander Sabin in evaluating the overall experience of the officers and crews of the LCIs under his command and noted in his War Diary report of December 29, 1942 generally found that:

"Officers are woefully lacking in instructions in celestial navigation, communications, engineering and navy customs. The majority are willing, earnest, sincere and anxious to learn."

In the same report he noted that:

"With regard to enlisted personnel, the principal difficulty has been of course lack of experience again..." However, Commander Sabin further noted that since the LCIs were ships with small crews, "...there are 3 ratings which are essential and which should be properly filled. These are loading deck petty officer (Boatswains Mate), the leading engineering petty officer and the ship's cook...Someone who knows how to cook is essential on this type of craft because of morale..."


Note: The Deck Logs for the LCI 35 indicated that Commander Sabin was on board the LCI 35 for chow on 2 occasions during his tenure as Flotilla 2 Commander. The first was June 8, 1943 and the second time was on September 17, 1943 shortly after the Invasion of Italy at Salerno. I'm sure that Dad, who trained as a cook and served in this capacity on the USS LCI (L) 229, with the Flotilla 2 Staff (Pool), and aboard the USS LCI (L) 35, would have really appreciated hearing the comments regarding the importance of a cook that Commander Sabin made.

These initial observations related to the inexperience of the officers and crew made by Commander Sabin may have been accurate when he assumed command of this Flotilla of LCIs, but during the many months that the LCI (L) 35 and other LCIs participated in naval operations during World War II, LCI officers and crew not only gained the needed experience to perform their duties, but also earned the respect and admiration of Captain Sabin and the Allied Forces for a job well done during the war. When Captain Sabin turned over the command of Flotilla 2 to E.W. Wilson on October 12, 1943, he expressed his appreciation for the Flotilla and the value of the LCIs and the work of their officers and crew. He said:

...Nothing would please me more than to continue with Flotilla Two. They are a fine bunch of sturdy little fighting ships with an inspiring bunch of fighting American men. Big men in little ships. We don't have all of them we started with...But our losses have been amazing light...One ship lost [LCI 1] and not more than twenty [men wounded] out of a total of 30 ships with approximately 105 officers and about 800 men. I mean MEN!!!...

- Personal War Notes - Commander Lorenzo Sherwood Sabin, Jr.

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