Honor Thy Father

You've been my pride and joy

You were my first, the first a boy

The feeling, warmth I held inside

The first of brood I held in arms of pride

Do me honor - do but deed

Do proud lineage - do proud the seed

Your dad no longer can hold nor tell

Just do of deeds - do him well
My father gave me this poem in the early 1980's around the time that his health and quality of life started to decline. This poem expressed my father's feelings about me and his continued aspiration for me to do well in life.

This site is dedicated to preserving his memory.

- Stanley G. Galik
(son of Stanley Galik)
Summer 2002

11 May 2009

Since this website was launched in December 2002, I have been extremely fortunate to have received so many positive comments. I have also had the good fortune of having so many individuals, including my father's shipmates on the LCI 35, other Landing Craft Infantry (LCI) sailors, their children, grandchildren, and others with an interest in World War II history contact me to share additional comments, information and photographs.  I have used much of this information in this update.  I am also deeply indebted for all visitor comments that have reaffirmed my belief that the work involved in developing and updating this site was worthwhile.

Here's what's new:

  • Postcards
    Stanley Galik's large scrapbook collection of postcards obtained during Stanley's service in the Civilian Conservation Corps and the U.S. Navy during World War II.

  • "Thoughts"
    Stanley Galik's poetry published in the Homestead Daily Messenger (PA) Newspaper

  • Photographs
    Sailors and soldiers in his scrapbook collection as well as photos provided by others.

  • Additional resources
    Links for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the Landing Craft Infantry (LCI)* and related information, as well as other World War II information. 

    • *The NavSource Photo Archives
      provides a complete index of all Landing Craft Infantry and contains specific information for each LCI.  There are a large number of ship photos included in this site.

  • Links
    Online resources have been updated and additional sites added.

  • Normandy
    Additional information and photos related to the Invasion on Sword Beach.

  • Other WW II Action and Notable Events
    Provide a glimpse of what else occurred around the same time as events unfolded in the chronology of the site. For more specific information please visit "This Day in History" or WWII Chronology where comprehensive daily summaries of World War II events for each day from September 1, 1939 to September 30, 1945 is provided.

I still have much more to add to this site and will continue to provide updates periodically.  Stay tuned.

Stan Galik (son of Stanley Galik)

11 May 2009


Using This Site

You can navigate through Stanley's life and his military career by using the timeline provided above.  Text links are provided at the bottom of the page or view our site map.  You may also search this site for information of interest to you.  If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us at: 



Stanley Galik SC 2C, USS LCI 35

Stanley Galik, SC2, USS LCI 35


WW II Honoree - Stanley Galik USS LCI 35

World War II Honoree

WW II Memorial


This site was developed as a tribute to the memory of my father, Stanley Galik and is divided primarily in two separate stories.   One story concentrates on my father's life, especially his experiences serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and with the US Navy during World War II.  The other story chronicles the saga of the LCI (L) 35, the Landing Craft Infantry Ship that my father served aboard during the war. The site is organized as follows:

Provides an overview of Stanley's life touching briefly on his childhood, CCC Camp experiences, military career, marriage, and other interests.

Details Stanley's experience in CCC Camps in New Mexico and Pennsylvania and includes many postcards and photos of friends and fellow CCC members.

This section highlights Stanley's military career and covers his enlistment, training, and his overseas duty in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, England and France.  This story concludes with his return home, his marriage to "Blondie", and his Honorable Discharge in 1945.  You can share in his experiences and gain an insight into his thoughts during the war through excerpts from the letters he sent to his sister Mae that are included in this section of the site.

THE LCI (L) 35
A detailed history of Stanley Galik's ship during World War II, the Landing Craft Infantry LCI (L) 35, is also included. The ship's entire history is chronicled in this section beginning with its commissioning on January 28, 1943 and ending with its decommissioning on November  15, 1944.  Special sections are dedicated to the LCI 35 Officers and Crew as well as details pertaining to the Landing Craft Infantry (Large) Ship.

The photo gallery includes hundreds of postcards, photos of sailors and soldiers, and other memorabilia that were part of my father's scrapbook collection.  Additional material will be added in future updates.

This section contains some of Stanley's poems that were published as "Thoughts" in the early 1970s.  Additional published and unpublished works will also be added to the site periodically. 

This area of the site includes acknowledgements, resources used, links, a site map, and contact information.

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