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June 7, 1944 -The Joy of Receiving Mail and Packages

Newhaven, England

"...For quite some time, days, maybe weeks I haven't written you. As I stated before whenever my mail doesn't come in a steady stream consider me being busy and I'll write at my first opportunity. Vic's (Dad's sister) letters having been coming so regularly have always brought me joy which I can't explain. That they continue to come in is all that I pray for. Mail really has the preference at least by me. I also received along with numerous letters, Vic's package. The chocolates proved a dream come true... A couple of days ago I went to the Chaplain and received confession and communion... (before D-Day) You should hear me pray sometimes..."

July 13, 1944 - Does Blondie Know Me or What?
Newhaven, England

"...Tell Blondie to hire a preacher. I'm going to hook her before I get it. Truthfully, I might sound screwy but I can't get her off my mind. Even think marrying her would be swell. She knows me, how I act, my ambitions and still says I'm her one and only. She writes every day and I almost as often if I can. Does everything I ask. But still I can't be sure. Been two years you know since I last saw her. I or she might have changed. That's the hell of this war..."

When Will I Be Coming Home?

"...I figure on being home by the end of this year. Leastwise I can hope. Nothing definite so I shan't get all hep over the fact (Jive)..."

Where's the Album?

"...I'm waiting for the album and corners. The one I have is about shot..."

What about D-Day?

"...How did invasion day go off in the States? Over here it went off with a bang. ha ha. You said it - what a joke. War humor though..."

July 25, 1944 - Letter from Mrs. Box - V-Mail to Local Newspaper
East Quay

"...Received a letter from Mrs. Box, and she told me about the nice letter you'd written her...I sure appreciate her kindness. You ought to see that kid of hers. Boy is he cute. Just about Lynda's age and cute isn't the word for it..."

"...I sent a V-mail, which we were allowed to the papers at home telling them about my participating in the invasion. Publicity, that's all - huh? Lost a little weight and thank God it was off the frame for a change. No gut. Still the same old story I reckon. Ship's okay now and that sure means a lot."

July 26, 1944 - General Eisenhower's Message
Returning after Arromanches Landing

"...All's well on this side. Sending you one of those things Eisenhower (General Dwight D. Eisenhower) gave all the soldiers, sailors and etc..."

August 2, 1944 - Send Money - Home by the End of the Year - Talk of Marriage
East Quay

"...As is you find your brother in very good health and spirits. Feeling fine and happy as can be. Whenever I start out this may, naturally, you suspect I'm wanting something which is true. As soon as you can I'd like you to send me a money order for fifty dollars. Lately I've spent a lot and want to sort of catch up on my debts. They don't come near fifty but I'd like to be a little ahead of payday..."

Home By End of Year

"...All's going well and it looks as though I should be home by the end of this year. From all fronts we seem to have them on the run (Germans) so let's pray for a hurried victory..."

Talk of Marriage

"...From all indications I might take a wife when I get home. A little cautious though so don't think for a moment I'm doing things foolishly. Blondie's still the one and I've yet to ask and that does take courage and much thought. Two years from her so everything might change at that. We'll see and talk it over when I get home. You're still and always "my mother sister" you know. What say "mom", can I get hitched? Old enough you know--or am I foolish? ha..."

August 8, 1944 - Receiving Mail - Blondie - Album - Home for New Years
East Quay

"...Receiving your latest letter brought me overwhelming joy. Pleased? Very much so since mail from that part of the globe had been scarce. Wish there was some way one could explain how much a letter means to a guy. Your are, and always will be my favorite sis and that's why I look forward to your letters especially..."

"...Blondie...She's now and always will be tops...No album as yet but will let you know as soon as it arrives...Keep your fingers crossed and by New Years I might be around that fireplace. Say it still snows there huh?..."

August 22, 1944 - Money Order - Aspirin Tablet Kids

Aboard Ship at Arromanches and Port-en Bassin

"...Received the money order for fifty-dollars. Thanks ever so much...From all indications and you can't trust that too much, I should be home within three or four months...Sure cleaning house over here of late. The aspirin tablet kids Adolf calls us. Headaches for him. ha."

September 5, 1944 - Still in Love With Blondie
Lymington Banks

"...Haven't much to say just letting you know that I'm still around...As things stand I've been away from home a long time. I left in love with Blondie and don't believe that's might be around to throw rice-and lose a few ration points...Look for me to be home in a few more months and we'll both celebrate..."

September 6, 1944 - Writing Letters and Daily Routine

Lymington Banks

Undated V-Mail (Postmark Date)

"...My letters in the direction of home of late have been very few. Even now I find this short one difficult to compose...Same routine over here. From what I read in the papers lately people at home are far from knowing a war is going on. Sure wish I could say the same..."

September 11, 1944 - No Mood for Writing - Visit to Brighton

Lymington Banks - Southampton

"...I'm well in health and hope you can say the same for yourself and yours. The letter is short but I'm actually in no mood for writing. I can say I'm in England and visited a place called Brighton so the censor says..."

September 24, 1944 - Things Going Wrong - On Verge of a Break


"...Honestly, I've been on the verge of a break since so many things wrong came all at once. Feel alright now though..."

October 17, 1944 - Home by First of Year


Last letter that Dad sent while he was Overseas

"...As is the general practice with me, I usually write each and every chance I get. Lately through laziness and through being a bit busy I haven't written anybody. Then too, I really haven't much to say since news as well as anything of interest is a scarce as American women...In health I'm coming home as yet remains a mystery more or less. As a hint let's say to look for me around the first of the year that should be it..."

Chris Box - Card

Chris Box

Address on back of card for Mrs Box:

94 Andrew Road, Cogan, Penarth, Nr Cardiff, Glamorgon

Dad wrote about Chris to his sister Mae on July 25, 1944.  In his letter he described Chris by saying:  "Boy is he cute. Just about Lynda's age and cute isn't the word for it..."
Gen. Eisenhowers D-Day Letter to Allied Forces


You can read this letter by visiting the Normandy link within this site.

Last Will and Testament of Adolf Hitler
Last Will and Testamentof Adolf Hitler
This humorous "Last Will and Testament" of Adolf Hitler was in my father's WW II collection.  In his August 22, 1944 letter to his sister Mae, Dad mentioned that Adolf called American servicemen the "aspirin tablet kids" because they gave him headaches.
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