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United States Naval Training Station, Newport, RI

July - August 1942

Dad began training in early July and from the very beginning always thought highly of his service in the US Navy. Although Dad enjoyed his experience in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp in New Mexico, he thought the Navy was a whole lot better. Dad's training while at the USNTS in Newport, RI was summed up in a letter to his sister Mae that described the drilling he received by stating that "they teach us everything, shooting, marching, rowing and even exercise every day." Dad, as an Apprentice Seamen, was in Co 523, Battalion #5 while at the USNTS and earned $50.00 per month.

Cooks and Bakers School - New Orleans, Louisiana
August - December 1942

After leaving Newport, RI, Dad spent a couple of hours in New York City before heading to New Orleans (Algiers), Louisiana and additional training. On seeing New York for the first time Dad said that "its as huge as you read about - crowded, busy and high buildings"During his short layover he only could see the Empire State Building from a distance but he did get to ride the subway which he said was "a thrill in itself". More amazing to Dad was the fact that "for a nickel you can ride all day and night". Also during these 2 hours Dad "visited bar rooms, restaurants, and chatted with Canadian sailors, R.A.F. Flyers and even a Norwegian".

Dad arrived at the US Naval Training Station in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 20th and originally assigned to Barrack 3 W pictured on the right. Dad eventually was assigned to Barracks 18E and began training at the Cooks and Bakers School where he noted that being a cook had some extra privileges like sleeping "in bunks for a change and [we] have very little discipline". On the top right is a picture of the entrance to the US Naval Receiving Station.

After arriving in Louisiana Dad wasted no time in writing to his sister. He wrote her on August 21st using USO stationary in the "midst of a very bad rainstorm" and asked her for two small favors. He needed to borrow some money until September 3rd and also wanted her to send the pictures of Lynda that he inadvertently left behind in his brother Jay's car while home on leave from basic training. 

United States Naval Training Station - New Orleans, LA

US Navy Training Station  in NO US Navy Training Station - Graduation Prep
Above and Right: Several photos taken at the USNTS in New Orleans, LA are shown here.  The other photos are of the base and of a set up for some celebration-possibly a graduation ceremony from Cooks and Bakers School.
Statutes in US Navy Training Station
Left and Bottom: United States Naval Training Station Chapel and Statutes of the Holy Family near the Chapel.
US Navy Training Station - Chapel Entrance

Bay St. Louis RR Ticket

Dad got to visit several places and see some sites while stationed in Louisiana. The round trip ticket via the Louisville and Nashville Railroad on September 5, 1942  was for a day trip to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Leitch, Aita and Lacey (Jersey)
Leitch, Aita, and Lacey (Jersey) are pictured above

Navy on Parade on Canal Street - September 6, 1942
This photo titled "Your Navy on Parade on Canal Street" was given to Dad by J.T. Harryman on September 6, 1942. Dad wrote on the back saying that "Baker Harryman as swell as his pies and cakes". The photo was taken on the July 4, 1941.

US Coast Guard Parade-September 5, 1942
United States Coast Guard Parade September 5, 1942. J. T. Harryman identified as being in background

Cooks and Bakers School Trainees
Sailors enrolled in Cooks and Bakers School at the time Dad was there. Dad is circled in the second row, second from the right in this group photo. Dad also identified the following in the photo above (Some are also included in the Photo Gallery): Slim, Baker, Red, Wagner, Briegman, Harwell, Vick, Paich, Frenchie, Dye, Gabby, Morgan, Culpep, Pete, Spam, Dusty, Rollie and another Frenchie

US Naval Receiving Station, Algiers, New Orleans, LA - Entrance
Entrance to the US Naval Receiving Station, Algiers (New Orleans), LA
Barrack 3 W - US Naval Training Station, New Orleans, LA
Barrack 3 W - US Naval Training Station, New Orleans, Louisianna
Westinghouse Company - Pittsburgh, PA
The photo of Westinghouse above was for Milton, his sister Mae's husband, who just started working for Westinghouse in the Pittsburgh, PA area.
Canal Street in New Orleans, LA
During his training at the Algiers Naval Training Station, Dad and his new Navy pals enjoyed the sites and sounds of New Orleans and the surrounding area whenever they could. Canal Street in New Orleans is pictured above.
Sailors recreation places

Lake Ponchartrain, Ogden Park and City Park were some of the places where sailors usually spent some of their free time relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Sailor Recreation Site
Sailor Recreation Site
Sailors visiting Lake Ponchartrain and City Park are shown relaxing by the lake or otherwise enjoying the scenery.
Harryman and Dusty - "Dirty Horseplay"
Harryman and Dusty after a little friendly and "dirty" horseplay.
Harryman with Joe Ganz and his wife
Harryman in uniform between Joe Ganz and his wife.
Jimmy Varnadoe from Florida
Besides Harryman, Dad become quick friends with Jimmy Varnadoe from Florida who he met shortly after arriving for training.
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