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January 15 - February 23, 1943

New York City-

January 24 - January 30, 1943

Home on Leave
Dad took leave and visited home knowing that this would probably be the last time he would be able to see his family and girl friend "Blondie" until after the war. During this week at home Dad would walk and take the trolley from Braddock just to visit Blondie at her home in Baldwin Township. On January 30th Dad returned to New York and waited for his overseas orders.

Dad did not write his sister during his stay in New York, probably because he was really enjoying himself and not worrying about the war that he and his crew were about to enter.

Fun at the Aquarium
The photos on the right and the others that follow were taken in February 1943 at the Aquarium in New York City prior to the LCI (L) 229 departing for Little Creek, Virginia. According to Frank Carchedi, a shipmate of my father, the Aquarium was located in Times Square and was a popular spot for soldiers and sailors to relax with good food and drink. Pictured left to right in the photo (top left) are Eugene Beach on the left, Stanley Galik (Dad) in the middle, and Rayburn Wallace on the right.


The photo below of Dad and John Slade was taken on February 8, 1943 probably after Dad listened to Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians playing "Victory Tunes". The ticket stub for the 10:50 pm show at the Vanderbilt Theater is shown on the right.

Stanley Galik with John Slade
Stanley Galik and John Slade

Below are several photos of LCI (L) 229 shipmates graciously provided by Frank Carchedi, QM 1C pictured on the right. These photos also were taken at the Aquarium during the time that the LCI (L) 229 was in New York City.

Roger Phillips, John Slade and Frank Carchedi
LCI 229 Sailors - Roger Phillips, an unidentified shipmate, John Slade and Frank Carchedi (holding the glass).

John Slade, Gerald Dolezal, Eugene Beach, Joseph Jones, Roger Phillips, and William Dorsey
LCI 229 Sailors in this photo are: Left Side: John Slade (front), Gerald Dolezal (middle), and Eugene Beach (rear).  Right Side: Joseph Jones (front), Roger Phillips (middle), and William Dorsey (standing in the rear).

Other New York City Sites

SS City of Flint

Added Information on SS City of Flint
The City of Flint, on October 9, 1939, became the first American ship captured by the Germans when the pocket battleship Deutschland seized the ship and its cargo. The City of Flint, although clearly marked as a neutral ship and carrying general cargo from New York to Great Britain, was ordered stopped by the Germans and taken to Norway. Norwegian commandos eventually freed her and she returned to duty until she was sunk on January 23, 1943.

Chin's Restaurant

Post Card - Chin's Restaurant (44th at Broadway) NYC

Dad invariably sought out good places to "Eat, Drink, Be Merry" while in New York as the post card above highlights. Dad sent this post card of Chin's Restaurant to his brother Andy with the following message:

Hi Brother, Just another card to save for me. Still alright. And always having fun. Give my love to all and write if you can. Bye now, "Gay"

Blondie Blondie

Eugene Beach, Stanley Galik, and Rayburn Wallace - At the Aquarium

Eugene Beach-Stan-Rayburn Wallace

At the Aquarium in Times Square

Ticket Stub - Vandebilt Theater 8 Feb 1943

Ticket Stub for Vanderbilt Theater

Frank Carchedi - LCI 229

 Frank Carchedi - LCI 229

John Slade, Roger Phillips, Frank Carcheid and William Dorsey with 2 Unidentifed Sailors

In this photo on the Left from Front to Back are: An unidentified Merchant Marine, John Slade and Roger Phillips. On the right front to back are an unidentified LCI (L) shipmate, Frank Carchedi and William Dorsey.

Stanley Galik (Center) with Joseph Jones (Right)

This photo above is of poor quality but it does show Dad in the middle with Joseph Jones on the right with an unidentified sailor on the left.  In the background is the "Rialto" with a Ballroom Sign. This photo was probably taken on Broadway near 44th Street.

SS City of Flint

SS City of Flint

This photo is of the Freighter SS City of Flint that was in Dad's scrapbook. This picture was taken when Dad first arrived in New York City on January 15,1943.

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