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Planning for the Future

The day after his arrival back in Norfolk, Dad wrote one of his last letters to his sister Mae. Dad indicated that he was just getting settled "but it's boring as routine usually proves". Dad went on to further describe his last 30 days at home and on his marriage by saying:

...That last 30 days of routine wasn't boring though. ha ha...Boy do I ever miss home now. Cripes, have a worse case of homesickness than ever before. And Mae, honestly, I love Blondie a lot. I'd have been a fool not to have-huh? That's all I do now and intend doing, is plan for the future. It's her and I now. You know, even when I'm thinking about her and know she can't be near me--I'm happy in the thoughts that she's my wife. Imagine me! A married man...

Dad did finally get settled back into the Navy routine but his view on life changed since last year. Where he once thought that "... life at times is silly. Take this war now-wasted years in one's so short period of existence..." (February 12, 1944), he now expressed a different perspective. In what would be his last letter to his sister Mae he wrote on January 16th the following:

...Haven't been out at all these past three days. Haven't the slightest yearning to, and best of all feel I'm beginning to see a bit of sense in life. Even beginning to act like a married man. Don't feel like spending foolishly and aim to save as much as I can for a nest egg...

On His Health and Next Assignment

Dad was a little uncertain as to where his next assignment would be. He did mention several possibilities in the same letter.

...In health I'm alright. Had a test for nerves and etc. Now I've to see a doctor. It seems I've lost a lot of weight overseas and they blame it on "battle fatigue". Nothing serious, but from it all, depending upon the doctor's verdict, I may get shore duty for 6 months. Then again if he thinks I can still take it, I go to the Pacific I reckon. Aboard a larger ship I believe. At any rate he practically said I was out of Amphibious operations if possible. That will be a happy day since that branch is truly hectic at times. Too much at sea for a body's good...


Waiting for Blondie to Join Him

He was also looking forward to the possibility of having his wife Mel "Blondie" with him and not having to travel as much as he did in the last 2 years.

...Will it ever be a happy day whenever she gets here. Not much of a honeymoon, but will be a change for her. I've traveled so darn much that traveling is a bore anymore. Be good when I can stay put for a bit at least. Terra Firma. Nice!!...My thoughts have been of her and her alone. That she's happy is all that counts to me...

For the next several weeks Dad remained at Norfolk, VA awaiting word on what his next assignment would be and whether or not it would be feasible for his wife to join him. By February, Dad had his answer. He was being transferred to the Naval Barracks in Washington, DC.

Blondie (Mel) Dad's New Wife

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